Bluechip User Guide
In Hospital Claiming (IHC)

Bluechip uses ECLIPSE as an online claiming solution for In Hospital Claiming. ECLIPSE is an extension to Medicare Australia's various online claiming methods and provides various features such as:

o      Secure connection between practices, hospitals, billing agents, Medicare and Health Funds.

o      Simple one click process of submitting an in hospital claim to both Medicare and Health Fund

o      Online patient verification of Medicare enrollment and health fund membership.

o      Faster resolution of claims and faster payment times

o      Eliminate billing and claiming errors.

Setup and Process Overview

1.      Bluechip must be configured for Online Claiming.

2.      Configure a Batch Type for IHC

3.      Create a Class for IHC

4.      Specify which Service Items can be billed for IHC

5.      Configure Practitioners for IHC

6.      Configuring Day Surgery for IHC

7.      Create an IHC account for the patient.


Then you can:

o      Create an Estimate for IHC

o      Conduct an Online Eligibility Check (OEC) for IHC

o      Create an Invoice (which incorporates recording a Day Surgery Episode)

o      Submit a claim, and then print/view claim reports

o      Manage Banking and Reconciliation