Bluechip User Guide
Banking and Reconciliation for IHC

After the payment report is downloaded, health fund payments listed in the payment report can be used to reconcile payments with your bank statement. It is recommended that the practice settle its banking transactions to ensure correct reconciliations are maintained.

1.      Open the Practice Explorer, and then select the Banking menu item.



2.      Select your bank account name and click

3.      Select ‘EFTPOS’ from the left-hand menu.

4.      Select ‘Direct Debit’ within the EFTPOS Type list to view the amount paid for the claim by Medicare and Health Fund.


5.      Click to settle the amount in ‘Direct debit’ using your bank statement. The EFTPOS Settlement window appears.


6.      Enter the Settlement no and click  The direct debit settlement can be printed.


7.      A Banking History Report can be printed by clicking the icon at the top-left of Bluechip.


8.      You can view the banking history report which lists finalised bank slips and banking slip receipts.

o      Select the report detail as ‘Summary‘ to view a summary of the banking history report.

o      Select the report detail as ‘Detail‘ to view a detailed banking history report.


9.      Sort the printed data by Banking Date or by Banking Slip Type. If you choose the latter option, banking by 'cheque' will appears first on the report, followed by 'cash'.