Bluechip User Guide
Estimates for In Hospital Claiming

See also: In Hospital Claiming

1.      Open the patient's record, and select the Estimates entry in the menu.


2.      Click  The New Estimate of Fees window appears. Complete the new estimate as per the steps below, and the information provided within the topic 'Creating Estimates'.

Note that this window may vary slightly depending on whether you have enabled Quantity / Equipment ID items for Medicare or non-Medicare estimation and invoicing. Note that Medicare and non-Medicare items cannot appear on the same estimate together - they must be added to separate estimates.

o      As this is an estimate for In Hospital Claiming, you must select the hospital the claim relates to. Tick the In Hospital Services check box, and then click the associated button to select the desired hospital from your database.

o      Tick the Health Fund check box. You can then indicate which Fee list the H/F Rebate is based on via the associated drop-down list.

o      Ensure the Practitioner e.g. "Day Surgery" is selected.

o      Ensure the Class selected is your Day Surgery class.

o      Ensure that Issue to is "Health Fund (from membership)".

o      Enter service items as desired.

o      Specify the expiration date for this estimate.

o      Name the estimate, for future reference.


3.      Click to save the estimate, and close the window. You are returned to the patient's record, where the new IHC estimate now appears.

This concludes the steps necessary for creating an estimate for IHC. If you wish, you can now validate this estimate with Medicare, by performing an Online Eligibility Check.

o      (optional) You can also create an invoice based on this estimate, by selecting the estimate, and clicking  The Select Account window will appear, prompting you to select an account to create the invoice for.

o      You must also indicate the Fee Source i.e. whether you want the fees charged to come from the estimate itself, or whether to grab the latest fees from the list the estimate is based on.

Click to continue. An invoice is generated and presented to you, pre-populated with the Service Items and related details from the estimate. Complete the invoice as desired. Please see Invoices for more information about this window, and how to create/issue invoices.

Click when you are ready to issue the invoice.