Bluechip User Guide
Bluechip Release Notes - 4.0.0

What’s New in Bluechip 4.0.0

Tyro HealthPoint

HealthPoint is a system that allows patients to claim instant private allied health fund claims at the practice, via your Tyro HealthPoint EFTPOS terminal while at the surgery. You can process private health fund claiming via Tyro HealthPoint for 98% of Australia’s insured population.

Health Fund Claims are based on a “Gap” payment method where the fund member (patient) can make a claim at the point of service in real-time, and their health fund will then direct payment of a benefit to the practice. The member then pays the practice the Gap, which is the difference between the service fee and Health Fund benefit.

Bluechip allows you to retrieve the gap payment amount even before lodging the claim from the patient account window.

You can lodge the claim from the patient account and get the rebate paid instantly.

You also have the ability of same day cancellation if you decide to cancel the claim. Cancelling the claim will also reverse the rebate automatically without any user action.

Bluechip also provides you with the summary and detailed HealthPoint payment report for your reconciliation purpose which is accessible from ‘Practice Explorer’ window.


EFTPOS Refund, Part and Un-Paid claims

Previously, Tyro only allowed to claim fully paid patient claims.  The new Tyro implementation in Bluechip 3.20.0 now allows you to claim for part and un-paid patient claims too.

You can also refund directly to patient account via Tyro EFTPOS from Bluechip.

Audit trail of refund can be viewed going to corresponding Banking account.



You can now send SMS message with more than 160 characters. Any text you type beyond this 160-character limit will be displayed in red to indicate that the length of SMS has exceeded a standard SMS character limit, and each additional set of 160 characters will cost 1 SMS Credit to send.

Appointment Report

All available three appointment reports namely Appointment list (no comment), Appointment list (with comment) and Appt list (extended) are enhanced to identify appointments with current, expired and no referrals.

Referring Doctors Report

Referring doctors report export and printout layout is changed to landscape to include additional data like referring doctor address, provider number and referral expiry date which will allow practice to better aggregate and analyse referring providers

Changes include:

o      Added Expiry Date field into the Patient List report layout and CSV exports.

o      Added the referring doctor’s address to all report layouts and CSV exports

o      Un-unified the field's order in the layouts of all report options (Provider No. is now a separate column).

Small Updates

o      The current version of Bluechip has all UpToDate Medicare reason codes as of September 2020.

o      Bluechip 3.20.0 has the latest Medicare and DVA fees.

o      To assist with the troubleshooting, Bluechip comes with improved exception logging to store more environmental data.

o      SMS feature is now enabled to send a scheduled SMS message on a 'Closed Day'.

o      Resolved the following issues:

       Application crash while exporting CSV for Medicare and IHC reports.

       Appointment grouping not in order.

       Bluechip crashing while transmitting patient claims.

       Data fields not populating while creating OEC estimate.

       Duplicate entries in IHC payment report