Patient Details



Items of interest on this window

Patient Name

Acceptable name formats;

  • Patient/claimant first names and surname fields accept alpha-numeric characters, apostrophes, hyphens and spaces.

  • Spaces must not appear immediately before or after the apostrophes and hyphens.



O'Toole  - Valid

O' Toole - Invalid (one or more spaces after apostrophe)

O 'Toole - Invalid (one or more spaces before  apostrophe)


Anne-Marie   - Valid

Anne -Marie  - Invalid (one or more spaces before hyphen)

Anne- Marie  - Invalid (one or more spaces after hyphen)

Anne - Marie - Invalid (one or more spaces before and after hyphen)


Robert AKA Bob - Valid

Robert (Bob) - Invalid ('(' and ')' are not one of the allowed characters)

Patient Details tab

Displays basic demographic information, emergency contact, and next-of-kin  for the patient.

Next of Kin tab

Displays basic demographic information on the patient's Next of Kin.

Accounts tab

Displays the patient's account history.

Visits tab

Displays the patient's visit history.

Notes tab

Record notes here for this patient. Notes recorded here are permanently stored in the patient's record. When a patient is added to the Waiting Room, the first line of these notes appears in the Notes column.


The patient's ATSI status as recorded via the Patient Details window.

Referral Section

This appears only if the patient has a current referral.

Displays a patient's IHI (Individual Healthcare Identifier) history. See Healthcare Identifiers Service for more information.

Click this button to conduct a live validation of the patient's  IHI (Individual Healthcare Identifier) number. The success or failure of this validation can be viewed via the IHI History button. See HI Service for more information.

View the log of SMS messages sent to this patient.

This button gives you access to a facility for clearing a patient's bank account details saved during the performing of a patient claim.

Allows you to setup relationships between patient records.

Clicking the Referral button displays the Referral History List (if the patient has existing referrals). This button is only displayed if the Show Referral Information check box is enabled in MedicalDirector Pracsoft's Global Settings.

Add the selected patient to the Waiting Room.

Refreshes the window.

Allows you to print patient details.

Allows you to edit the patient's details.