Pracsoft User Guide

o      A referral for a patient can be added via the Patient Details window, or when recording a visit.

o      You can only record a referral for a patient whose practitioner is a registered practitioner who has indicated that they require a referral. See also Referring Practitioners.

o      You will only be able to add/edit referrals and view a patient's referral history if the button in the Patient Details window has been enabled, by ticking the Show Referral Information check box on the Patient tab of Global Settings.

To Add / Edit / View a Patient Referral

1.      Open the patient's record. The Patient Details window appears.

If the button (shown in the image above) is not visible, this indicates the patient does not have any referrals.


2.      Click

o      If this patient does not already have referrals recorded for them, you will be immediately prompted to add a referral. Proceed now to Step 4.

o      If this patient has already had referrals recorded for them, the Referral History List window appears.


3.      Then either;

o      Click to record a new referral, or

o      Select an existing referral and click to edit the referral.


4.      The Referral Details window appears.


5.      Click to select the referring practitioner.

6.      Enter other information as desired.

7.      Click Save Pracsoft button to confirm.