Waiting Room


The Waiting Room is where you track the movements of patients in your actual Waiting Room at your Practice.

From this window you can;

o       Keep a track of who is currently in your Waiting Room, and for how long.

o       Assign visiting patients to specific practitioners.

o       Specify items that the patient will be billed for, and the type of billing.

o       See the type of appointment (reason) the patient is here for (for example 'Emergency' or 'Blood Test')

o       Record notes about the patient and their visit ...and much more.


You can adjust the width of each column (or hide a column) by dragging the edge of the column to the desired position.

To reset the column widths, either;

o       Right-click one of the column headings and select Reset Columns from the menu that appears, or

o       Select Window > Reset Columns.


Items of interest on this window


The patient's chart number, as recorded in the patient's details.


Any concessions the patient is entitled to,  as recorded in the patient's details.


Indicates the patient's practitioner for the purpose of this visit. The patient's 'regular' practitioner is selected automatically, but this can be changed by double-clicking this field.

Items to Bill

Add Service Item numbers here if you know in advance which items the patient will be billed for. Separate items with a comma. When you then go to record the visit, these Service Items will already be selected for you on the Record Visit window.

Billing Type

Allows you to select a fee rate to bill with, in advance of recording the visit.


A free-text field for adding notes about the visit.

Recalls and Reminders

Indicates that the patient has come in to see the practitioner about one or more specific Recall reasons. Double-click this field to call a window listing all the Recall/Reminder notifications for the selected patient.

A Recall is a Clinical term that refers to reminders sent to patients. Note that this functionality is only available to sites that run Clinical in conjunction with MedicalDirector Pracsoft.


The appointment type (if the patient had first been scheduled an appointment).


The current status of the patient's account.


Displays the status of the patient's online verification with Medicare. Note that if Easyclaim is disabled (Global Settings) this column will read ‘OPV/OVV Status’