Pracsoft User Guide
Waiting Room

The Waiting Room is where you track the movements of patients in your actual Waiting Room at your Practice.


From this window you can;

o      Keep a track of who is currently in your Waiting Room, and for how long.

See what time the patient's appointment was for.

See when the patient arrived

Assign visiting patients to specific practitioners.

Specify items that the patient will be billed for, and the type of billing.

See the type of appointment (reason) the patient is here for (for example 'Emergency' or 'Blood Test')

Record notes about the patient and their visit ...and much more.



Managing Columns

o      You can adjust the width of each column (or hide a column) by dragging the edge of the column to the desired position.

You can indicate which columns are visible, and the order of them by right-clicking a column heading, and selecting Configure Columns.


o      To reset the column widths, either;

       Right-click one of the column headings and select Reset Columns from the menu that appears, or

       Select Window > Reset Columns.


The Columns




Items to Bill

Appointment Time

Arrival Time

Billing Type


Recalls and Reminders