Pracsoft User Guide
Removing Patients from the Waiting Room

Occasionally you may need to remove a patient from the Waiting Room, if for example they decided to leave the Practice before visiting the Practitioner. The following information explains how to remove a patient from the Waiting Room. Note that if you wish to simply transfer a patient to another Practitioner, you do not need to remove them from the Waiting Room first.

To remove a patient from the Waiting Room:

1.      Locate and select the patient in the Waiting Room. The entire row for that patient becomes highlighted.

2.      Then, either:

o      Press ALT + E

o      Click

o      Select Waiting Room > Remove from Waiting Room.


3.      You will be prompted to confirm this action. Optionally, you can flag this patient as 'not seen'. Patients flagged in this way are added to the Not Seen report.