Pracsoft User Guide
Waiting Room Notes for Patients

You can record temporary or permanent notes about patients sitting in the Waiting Room. These notes appear in the Waiting Room window, along with the patient's other details, as shown below.

The above image show a note about X-rays being held for Jennifer Andrews.

To Edit a Patient's Waiting Room Notes

1.      In the Waiting Room, locate the patient you want to record temporary notes for.

2.      Double-click on the Notes field for the patient. The Patient Notes window appears.

o      For notes to appear in the Waiting Room for this visit only, type them in the Temporary Waiting Room Notes text box. Once the patient is removed from the Waiting Room, the notes are deleted.

o      For this note to remain a permanent note, select the Edit Permanent Notes check box after you have typed the temporary note. The Temporary note is added to the patient's Permanent notes (with a date stamp). These notes remain and appear in the Waiting Room every time this patient is added.

o      Note: Waiting Room notes can also be entered via the Notes tab of a patient's record, in a similar fashion to recording Appointment Notes for them.