Pracsoft User Guide
Medicare Easyclaim

Medicare Easyclaim is a system that allows patients to claim instant Medicare rebates at the practice, via your Tyro EFTPOS terminal while at the surgery. You can process Patient Claiming and Bulk Bill via Medicare Easyclaim using Pracsoft's Integrated Easyclaim functionality. Detailed information on Medicare Easyclaim can be found from the Medicare Australia Easyclaim web site at:

Tyro and MedicalDirector have developed the first integrated Medicare Easyclaim solution, which links practice software to the EFTPOS/Easyclaim terminal. Other systems currently offer standalone Medicare Easyclaim through conventional EFTPOS terminals. MedicalDirector and Tyro have worked closely with Medicare Australia and the medical community to improve the EFTPOS based Medicare Easyclaim solution and further capture the needs of the market. The Pracsoft and Tyro Easyclaim solution streamlines the billing process and negates the need for re-keying information, saving practice staff valuable time.

Tyro and MedicalDirector have also been working with Medicare to produce a simple reconciliation method, especially for bulk billed claims. Pracsoft allows practice staff to reconcile in a similar way to what Medicare Online now does.

Please note that in order to take advantage of this facility, you will need to obtain an EFTPOS / Easyclaim terminal from Tyro. The minimum Tyro Production software version compatible with Integrated EFTPOS is 07.01.09. At the time of this writing, the latest version is 08.23.01. The version information for your installed Tyro software can be accessed from the terminal via Menu > Merchant Info.

Please contact Tyro Payment Solution Sales, on (02) 8907 1780, to enquire about obtaining a Tyro EFTPOS/Easyclaim terminal. If at any time you have questions about the terminal or pairing the terminal with Pracsoft you can call Tyro Payments helpdesk at the toll free support number 1300 966 639. Tyro Payments' trained staff will assist you with any questions you might have about the terminal.

How It Works

Accounts paid in full:

1.      After the patient/claimant pays their account (using cash, credit card or EFTPOS), their Medicare card details are automatically transmitted from Pracsoft.

2.      Pracsoft sends the claim details to Medicare Australia for verification. The claim is checked and an approval is sent back a few seconds later.

3.      The patient/claimant then swipes their EFTPOS card through the EFTPOS / Easyclaim terminal, enters their PIN and their rebate is paid into their nominated cheque or savings account on the same day.

4.      Practice staff give the patient/claimant an EFTPOS receipt to confirm their rebate has been paid.

Important: Easyclaim rebates can only be deposited into cheque or savings account.

Unpaid or partially paid accounts (rebates obtained by Medicare Online):

1.      Medicare card details are automatically transmitted from Pracsoft.

2.      The claim is checked and claim submission is accepted or declined instantly. A cheque made out to the health service provider is posted to the patient/claimant within 14 days.

3.      When the patient/claimant receives the cheque, they will send it to the health service provider along with any other outstanding balance payment.

For bulk-billing:

1.      If the patient is bulk-billed, the patient will press a button on the EFTPOS keypad to assign their benefit to the health service provider. No signature is required.

2.      The Claim and patient Medicare card details are automatically transmitted from Pracsoft.

3.      Claim is checked and approval is sent within seconds.

For Large Practice Bulk Bill (optional):

1.      Patient presents to Reception and OPV/OCV check is performed.

2.      Administrative staff print a DB4 form and attach it to the patient file if desired.

3.      Patient has consultation with the Practitioner who fills in the DB4 form and has the patient sign.

4.      Administrative staff collect DB4 Forms and process claim through Medicare Easyclaim at a later time. Consider also Medicare rulings regarding this.