Bluechip User Guide

Referrals are managed via the Referrals window in the Patient Explorer.


1.      Open the patient's record for whom you wish to add an referral.

2.      With the Patient Explorer, either;

o      Select the Referrals margin menu item. The Patient Referrals window appears. Click

o      Select the Patient Details margin menu item. Locate the Referring Doctor section at the bottom-right of the window, and then click the down arrow to reveal a list of Referring Doctors (this list may be empty if you have not yet added any referring doctors). Click


The New Referral window appears.


3.      Select the Practitioner to whom the patient has been referred from the Practitioner drop-down list. Only those practitioners recorded in Bluechip will appear in this list.

4.      Search for and select a Referring Doctor by clicking the button. A list of referring Doctors is displayed.

5.      Enter the number of months for which the referral is current in the Valid for field. If the referral is to be indefinite, enter 0 and press the Tab key.

6.      Enter the commencement date in the Referral Date field. The referral date is the date of the patient's first visit under the referral - not the date that the referral letter was written by the referring doctor.

7.      Then enter the date the referral letter was written in the Letter Written field. This value defaults to the Commencing date but can be modified.

8.      The Doctor's reference is not a mandatory field, but can be used if the referral letter has a reference number. The reference number can be entered and stored in Bluechip.

9.      Click to confirm. The Referring Doctor's information is now available in the Patient Explorer.