Bluechip User Guide
Practitioners (Overview)

A practitioner can:

o      Have referrals assigned specifically to them.

o      Have their own appointment book and waiting room.

o      Have recalls assigned specifically to them.

o      Review their own correspondence.

o      Invoice/Receipt their own patients from as many locations as they wish (a practitioner will usually have one location for each Provider Number).

o      Run financial and other reports that pertain only to them.

o      Have their banking run separately from other practitioners in the same Bluechip system, or have all practitioners' banking run together.

o      Batch invoices/claims to Medicare, DVA, Health Funds, Hospitals and so forth.


When managing practitioners, you can reverse your actions by clicking the Revert button. Note however you cannot revert after you have clicked the Apply button. As such, it is recommended that you perform a backup before making changes to BC Secure.