Clinical and Pracsoft version 4.3: The latest upgrade of Telstra Health’s GP software  
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Clinical and Pracsoft version 4.3: The latest upgrade of Telstra Health’s GP software  

MedicalDirector Clinical and Pracsoft version 4.3 has landed, marking a significant update that brings a host of new features to enhance the delivery of patient care and operations for primary care and specialist practices.

This release was showcased at the recent Ignite 2023/24 customer event, hosted at the Telstra Customer Insight Centre in Sydney.  

MedicalDirector Clinical and Pracsoft version 4.3 is not just an update; it’s a significant step forward in empowering general practitioners and practice managers with tools and features that are aligned with the modern healthcare landscape. From enhancing patient engagement and security to streamlining administrative tasks and improving healthcare delivery, version 4.3 is tailored to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers. 

Key features of Clinical version 4.3

  • MyMedicare patient administration: Ability to record a patient’s MyMedicare Enrollment status via a new checkbox. 
  • Updates to immunisation fields for AIR submission conformance: Keeping up with healthcare guidelines, new fields have been created for Route of Administration, Vaccine Type and Batch Number. Find out more here. 
  • Smartbar gets a revamp: The Smartbar within Clinical (formerly Sidebar) makes accessing Telstra Health Smart Clinician streamlined workflows and partner integrations easy. 
  • Secure email to patients: Streamlining patient communication, this feature allows confidential and secure email interactions, fostering trust and enhancing patient-doctor relationships. 
  • Enhanced patient record management: The introduction of quick template buttons and customisable navigation enhances Electronic Health Record (EHR) interface efficiency, allowing GPs to make effective use of software to suit them. 
  • Robust roles and permissions framework: This new framework enhances data security and ensures compliance with privacy laws, safeguarding sensitive patient information. 
  • Improved workflow with floating progress notes window: This simple new feature allows GPs to update and access progress notes more efficiently, improving patient tracking and documentation. 
  • Advanced prescribing capabilities: The improved search function within drug names enhances prescription accuracy and speed. 
  • Gender inclusivity in demographics: This vital update (across Clinical and Pracsoft) reflects the commitment to patient-centered and inclusive care. 

Key features of Pracsoft version 4.3

  • Automated MBS and DVA fee updates: Reducing the administrative load, this feature ensures billing accuracy and compliance. 
  • Efficient Online Patient Verification: The bulk online verification system streamlines patient processing and enhances billing accuracy. 
  • Streamlined billing process: Allowing practice managers to manage patient claims effectively, this feature boosts operational efficiency. 
  • Enhanced reporting functionality: With filters for location and practitioner, practice managers can generate targeted reports for better management decisions. 
  • Improved patient communication with alerts and reminders: Renamed to Patient Alerts, this feature aids in reducing no-shows and improving the patient experience. 
  • New MyMedicare metric and reporting in Smart Visual Dashboards: Identify eligible patients quickly, prioritise those who can benefit most, and monitor registrations effortlessly. Find out everything you need to know about MyMedicare in our essential guide.


Natira Drayton, Executive of Primary, Aged, and Community Care at Telstra Health, emphasised that version 4.3 is feature-rich, focusing on improving efficiency, data accuracy, and inclusivity in general practices. 

The focus on inclusivity, particularly through demographic updates and gender inclusivity, reflects the diverse patient populations served by medical practices today. By incorporating these elements, MedicalDirector demonstrates a commitment to ensuring that every patient feels recognised and respected within the healthcare system. 

For practice managers, the new features in Pracsoft version 4.3, like automated fee updates, efficient patient verification, and enhanced reporting capabilities, translate into a smoother, more efficient practice management experience. These updates allow practice managers to focus more on patient care and less on administrative burdens, ultimately contributing to the overall success of their practices. 

Clinical and Pracsoft version 4.3 is setting a new benchmark in electronic health record and practice management software. By integrating these advanced features, MedicalDirector Clinical and Pracsoft continue to lead the way in providing comprehensive, efficient, and inclusive healthcare solutions. 


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