MedicalDirector integrates with MyPractice app
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MedicalDirector integrates with MyPractice app

MedicalDirector has integrated with Medinet’s MyPractice app to unlock secure and streamline communication between GPs and their patients.

Doctors using MedicalDirector Clinical can now easily select the medical certificates, referrals, results and prescriptions they want to share with their patient during a consultation from within the sidebar. This unique integration with MedicalDirector has also meant that documents shared to the MyPractice app are sent directly from the practice and not stored on a third party server, ensuring sensitive patient information is kept secure.

MedicalDirector CEO Matt Bardsley said the integration will improve convenience for patients and create efficiencies for health care providers.

“With patients wanting more control over their healthcare and convenient access to their medical documents, the MyPractice app enables patient-centred care by providing easier access to a digital repository of their medical documents stored securely in one app,” Matt said.

Medinet Chief Technology Officer Abraham Bisseh said the MyPractice app reduces the reliance on practice administration staff to reschedule appointments and share prescriptions, referrals or other medical documents.

“Some practices have successfully gone paperless, thanks to the ease of uploading and securely storing patient medical documents with the MyPractice app,” Abraham said.

BlueShield General Practice GP Dr Ata Kichkin has been using MyPractice within MedicalDirector Clinical for a few months. She believes that with patients seeing multiple healthcare providers, the MyPractice app provides an accessible and efficient way for their information to travel with them.

“Being a doctor for over 30 years, the aim is to improve communication because it is a cornerstone of the patient and doctor relationship. I believe it will save lives as well by providing accurate, sensitive and confidential information at all times with uninterrupted flow,” Dr Kichkin said.

My Family Health Medical Centre Practice Manager Waheed Akhtar said MyPractice has enabled them to transform from a paper-based process of printing scripts to be posted to or collected by patients to more patient-friendly digital communication.

“MyPractice has changed and helped us… Doctors can work from home for Telehealth and phone consults, which reduces our admin work and it’s easy for patients as well since they can receive their medical certificates, scripts, or any other reports on the app directly from doctors,” Waheed said.

Communication between the general practice and patients is streamlined through the app and the practice can communicate practice news and health reminders to patients via the app, eliminating the need for email or other forms of communication which can become misplaced.

Patients can also conveniently book telehealth appointments within the app, saving time and the hassle of logging into another third party booking application.

The app even enables patients the option to arrange to collect medications from a local pharmacy or arrange for delivery to their door.

The enablement of this new patient-centred functionality marks the first of several exciting announcements coming to MedicalDirector customers over the next few months.

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The MyPractice app by Medinet has already been downloaded by over 250,000 Australian patients, helping them to connect with their health care providers and empowering them to manage their health.

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At MedicalDirector, we believe technology can enable better patient care. Whether you’re a GP, specialist, nurse or other healthcare professional, our intuitive software solutions are designed to support you in delivering healthcare to your patients, safely and efficiently.

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