About the Immunisations Module


Management of patient immunisations in Clinical differs significantly depending on whether the patient is a child or an adult, with the former being defined as any patient less than 17 years of age. Adult patients will call the standard Clinical Vaccination Window to record vaccinations, whereas children use the National Immunisation Program Schedule utility.

Regardless of whether the patient is a child or adult, to view a patient's immunisation history select the Imm. tab in the patient's Clinical Window.

o       To edit the details of an existing immunisation in the list, double-click the entry, or highlight it and press the Enter key. For example, you may add a comment about a reaction at a later date.

o       To add an immunisation to the list, click on the toolbar, press the F3 key or right click and select New Item from the pop-up menu.

o       To delete the record of an immunisation, highlight it in the list and click in the toolbar or press the Delete key.

o       To refresh the list of immunisations, click  You may need to do this if there are multiple users accessing the patient's record simultaneously, and one or more are currently recording immunisations for the patient. See Opening a Patient's Record on Multiple Computers for more information.

o       Immunisations declined by the patient/guardian are displayed in red text.