Clinical User Guide
Using Vaccine Widgets

Installing Widgets via Sidebar

The information below can also be found below the web page after completing the download.

1.      Log into Clinical and ensure that Sidebar is visible. If not visible, click the main Clinical menu Sidebar > Show/Hide Sidebar.

2.      In the Sidebar settings menu click Check for New/Updated Widgets.


3.      The Available New and Updated Widget screen appears.


4.      Check the widget(s) you would like to install and click

Using Installed Widgets

Once the widget has been installed, the widget’s home screen will appear.


Sign in using the same MedWay account details used in logging in to MedWay online store.


If the Practice does not have an existing account with MedWay, the login view allows ‘Sign Up’ registration via an external browser. There is also a phone number that the Practice can call to register.

After logging in, the online store’s home screen is seen.


To start ordering, select and expand a category, and click on the item to order.


Scroll down and click the Add button.  Quantity can be entered (default value is 1).


Scroll back up. The shopping cart should now show the number of items added in the cart. Click on the shopping cart to see detailed list of items ordered. Select and add more items by clicking Continue Shopping and items can be removed by clicking the ‘trash can’ icon.


Click Enter Your Details to proceed. Please note that the postcode of the delivery address must match the postcode of the Practice ordering.


To complete the transaction, click Continue to Payment Details.

To ensure that payments are secured, the online vaccine store uses Secured Socket Layering (SSL) technology.  

Once the transaction is successful, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to the user.