Bluechip User Guide
Transaction Listing Reports

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There are two types of Transaction Listing Reports available:

o      Account Statement Report provides a list of all transactions, within the chosen date range, for the patient.

The report is separated into 3 sections or lists showing the relevant transaction:

       Account Debtors List

       Account Credit List

       Allocated Payment Refunds List


o      Audit Trail  Report provides a list of all transaction, within the chosen date range, sorted by transaction issue date. It provides detailed breakdown of all transactions. It also includes Audit User Initials, Audit Date and Time, Audit Reason

How to Generate a Transaction Listing Report

1.      Ensure you have opened a patient's record, and are viewing the Patient Explorer.

2.      Select the Accounts menu item.

3.      Select the associated account for which you wish to print the report.

4.      Click  The Print Report window appears.


5.      Select either the Account Statement Report or Audit Trail Report, and click  The Print Transaction Listing window appears.


6.      Indicate the date range for the report. The 'To' date defaults to the current date.

7.      Click  The Set Print Options window appears.


8.      Configure the print settings as desired, and then click to print the Report.