Bluechip User Guide
Service Text (Managing)

When creating an invoice you can record service text (a brief explanation or note) against each Service Item you bill for. Recorded service text is printed on an invoice print-out (for example).

A Bulk Bill invoice showing the Service Text column

Recording Service Text

In the following example we create an invoice for a Medicare Bulk Bill account, and the Service Text window is specific for this kind of billing; the Service Text window may vary slightly, depending on the type of account you are billing against.

1.      When creating an invoice for Bulk Bill / DVA, locate the Service Text field for the Service Item you wish to record Service Text for, click within the field and then either;

o      Click  or

o      Press SPACE + ENTER


The Service Text window appears.


2.      Select an option from the Service Flags drop-down list. This selection will eventually appear within the invoice window. In the example at Step 1 above, Service Flags of 'Not Duplicate Service' and 'Not Normal Aftercare' have been selected for three of the billed Service Items.

o      You can also free-type customised Service Flag text (max 100 characters) into this field, although it will not be saved for next time.

o      This field is not available if on the New Invoice window you selected 'Pathology' from the Service Type drop-down list.


3.      Select an Explanation from the associated drop-down list. Note that this list is initially empty. You can add new Explanation items to this list;

o      By free-typing into the Explanation field (max 50 characters, except for DVA claims which allow for 100 characters), and then clicking  or

o      Beforehand, via the Billing and Fees tab of Bluechip's Practice Options.


4.      Record the time the service was performed into the Time of Service text box. This field accepts the Windows time format of HH:mm. For example, to record 2:30 p.m. enter the 24-hour format of 14:30.

5.      Record the duration of the performed service via the associated drop-down list.

6.      (optional) Record pathology details as desired.

o      Note that this section is only available if

       The invoice is for a DVA account.

       The invoice is for a service type of 'Pathology'.

       The associated practitioner is recorded as offering pathology services (as indicated on the General tab of Practitioner Options).


o      The practitioner's default SCPID can be set via the practitioners section within BC Secure.


7.      Click to continue. You are returned to the invoice window.