Bluechip User Guide
Prepayments and Overpayments

In previous versions of Bluechip all credit allocations were treated as prepayments. Now prepayments and overpayments are treated differently.

To allocate part of a receipt to overpayment, in the receipt window click the Overpayment button. When you issue the receipt, instead of seeing a prepayment amount in the account, you will see an overpayment amount. This can be refunded or dealt with in any of the ways that you treat prepayment. Prepayment continues to behave the same way.

The other impact that this change has is on reports. In the Earnings reports, instead of referring to prepayments and prepayment allocations, reference is now made to credits and credit allocations. The Prepayment Report and Prepayment Summary Report have also been renamed Credit Report and Credit Summary Report.