Bluechip User Guide

1.      Open the Patient's Record.

2.      From the Margin Menu, select Accounts. The list of accounts is displayed.


3.      Select an account and click  You are presented with the details of the account.

4.      Select the Receipts tab.


5.      Click  The New Receipt window appears. See Receipts for more information about the receipting process.


6.      Enter the method by which the prepayment is being made, and the amount.

7.      When you are ready to indicate that this is a prepayment, click  The Prepayment window appears.


8.      (Optional) Via you can select a different patient to associate with the prepayment.

9.      Enter the amount that you wish to allocate to prepayment in the associated text box.

10.   Click to return to the receipt, after which you can issue and print or file the receipt. Note this receipt type does not contain the referral details and makes no mention of the medical item involved.  This receipt is not claimable from Medicare.