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Live Feed: Medicare Web Services

20 September 2021  We’re pleased to confirm that MedicalDirector will manage the entire PRODA authentication process on behalf of MedicalDirector software users — removing the need for you to step through the manual authentication process. Read more about the PRODA process and what it means for you and your practice if your clinical software provider is not authenticating for you.


09 August 2021 Replacing the PKI system is a new PRODA authenticated system. MedicalDirector will be managing the entire PRODA authentication process for Medicare Web Services – with no action required by practices at all. We have been advised that not all software providers will be taking this approach, and will require practices to undertake significant manual setup and ongoing authentication. To learn more, watch the Q&A


28 July 2021 Join us for a Q&A session where we answer your questions surrounding the new Medicare Web Services platform, upgrading your software, what the change means for you and your practice, and how you can prepare. Watch the Q&A


25 June 2021 The roll-out of Medicare Web Services to practices will commence in August 2021, Medicare Web Services will affect the way practices claim through Medicare Online, DVA, the Australian Immunisation Register, and more. Watch the free webinar.


11 June 2021 Medicare Web Services will integrate directly with your practice management software for a smoother online claiming process. It will also be more flexible and easier to use across multiple systems. Your practice software will need to be updated to be compatible with the new Medicare Web Services platform – depending on your software provider this may mean action is required from you. Read the full article.


07 June 2021 The Australian Government recently announced the roll-out of Medicare Web Services. It is critical that your clinical software is compliant so you can continue to access Medicare services. Practices using desktop-based clinical software will need to update to a new Medicare Web Services-compatible version. Practices using cloud clinical software, such as MedicalDirector Helix, will have automatic access to this update.

An Introduction to Medicare Web Services