MedicalDirector awarded NHS Digital contract in the UK
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MedicalDirector awarded NHS Digital contract in the UK

Leading healthcare software company MedicalDirector, has today announced its upcoming entry in the United Kingdom (UK) after being notified by the technology unit of the UK’s national healthcare provider, the National Health Service (NHS), that MedicalDirector is to be awarded a contract to provide its cloud software to General Practitioners (GPs) in the UK.

MedicalDirector will participate in a £484 million UK government investment program to upgrade GP practice software and clinical health record technology through its GP IT Futures program. The GP IT Futures program is a critical enabler for the NHS Long Term Plan, which includes £4.5 billion of new investment to transform patient care in general practice and deliver an NHS which is fit for the future.

MedicalDirector was awarded the contract given its cloud software’s unique capabilities to deliver next generation software to GPs and patients in the UK. MedicalDirector is the first cloud-native market participant to be awarded a contract to provide its software services in the UK, and one of only three new entrants in the UK over the last twelve years capable of providing core primary care clinical systems to the NHS.

MedicalDirector is assisting the NHS meet its vision and commitment for improved care and health outcomes through improved software and interoperability. MedicalDirector’s entry into the UK is a significant opportunity, providing access to a major new market estimated to have over 55,000 GPs who are estimated to provide over 350 million patient consultations each year.

MedicalDirector Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Bardsley, described the contract award as transformational for MedicalDirector, the NHS, clinicians and patients in the UK.

“Our selection by the NHS is an incredibly significant endorsement of MedicalDirector’s Helix software platform and capability to help reinvigorate the UK healthcare system.

To be awarded a contract by the NHS is real validation of our Helix platform and its ability to deliver substantial benefits to healthcare markets around the world. We are the leading healthcare software platform in Australia and now our capability is being recognised by one of the largest and most important medical markets globally with over £220 billion of annual healthcare expenditure.”

Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for Asia Pacific, Natalie Black, an appointed representative of the UK Government’s Department for International Trade in the Asia Pacific region, said:

“We are excited to see MedicalDirector awarded this contract and look forward to working with MedicalDirector to support their entry into the UK market. It is a great example of how we can work together to continue to improve the outcome of our respective countries health systems.”

The NHS has selected MedicalDirector’s cloud-based platform, Helix, as being able to transform patient care in general practice across the UK, as it is uniquely positioned to meet the objectives of the GP IT Futures program.

Key benefits of MedicalDirector’s Helix software include:

  • simplified patient and practice workflows that use the latest tools and technologies to provide a revolutionary new patient-centric practice experience;
  • highly secure platform that ensures data is fully encrypted, backed-up, easily recoverable and secured with strict role-based access;
  • seamless integration of our practice management, clinical health record, billing and patient engagement software enabling faster and more collaborative workflows for every role in the practice; and
  • open architecture platform that enables interoperability between systems using latest health technology standards (including Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource, known as FHIR).

Mr Bardsley said, “We have been helping medical practices in Australia deliver care to their patients for over 25 years and to be chosen by the NHS to enter the UK with our Helix product is a significant milestone. We will continue investing in our products to unlock more opportunities in Australia, the UK and the global healthcare software and technology market. “As part of the NHS program, we are focused on working with the NHS to localise and integrate Helix into the NHS’ national infrastructure in readiness for bringing Helix to the market as soon as possible. “MedicalDirector’s software is used by more than 20,000 clinicians and each year the platform processes more than 80 million patient consultations.

For more information please contact: Peter Brookes, Citadel-MAGNUS
Ph: +61 407 911 389

About MedicalDirector

MedicalDirector is a leading primary healthcare technology company that for over 25 years has provided innovative, proprietary software solutions that help General Practice (GP) and specialist medical practices deliver care to their patients. Our software platform integrates seamlessly to enable faster and more collaborative workflows in medical practices and connectivity into the broader healthcare system.

Currently, more than 20,000 clinicians use MedicalDirector to manage and deliver 80+ million patient consultations per year, across small and large medical practices. Key software features include practice management, clinical health records, medical billing, reporting, referral management and patient engagement.

Today, MedicalDirector is a first-mover in innovative, cloud-based healthcare software through Helix, and in delivering customisable solutions for medical professionals in Australia and now in the United Kingdom. The comprehensive suite of solutions utilises the latest tools and technologies to simplify workflows and enable interoperability across healthcare systems. With MedicalDirector, medical practices can manage higher patient volumes, improving productivity and providing doctors the flexibility to deliver care anytime, anywhere on any device.

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