How clinical software design can impact patient volumes
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How clinical software design can impact patient volumes

Software design is something most people seldom think about, yet it’s something we’re impacted by, every day. In business, and in healthcare particularly, we’re heavily reliant on software. An average medical practice will keep software for clinical and practice management, payments, accounting, medicines information and more.

The way our software is designed is critically important to the way we carry out work. However, software users typically only become aware of design when something goes wrong. An additional step in a process, the movement of a button or a colour change is a departure from how users are accustomed to doing things. Understandably, changes like these have the potential to interrupt user workflows, slow people down and cause confusion.

Good software design will do the opposite. When clinical software is well designed, it’s seamless and intuitive – it is easy to use and tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently. In the healthcare industry, good software design has the power to positively impact healthcare delivery, as is the case with MedicalDirector Helix:

“We did a time-in-motion study in 2018 where we compared a 15-minute consult done using MedicalDirector Helix with one using desktop clinical software. With fewer clicks, faster load times and streamlined design, Helix saved 3 minutes per consult”, said Marcus Holstein, Head of Product and Design at MedicalDirector.

“When you multiply that out by every doctor in a practice, and every consult in a day, the impact is significant – for a GP who averages 30 consults per day, that extra time equates to 90 minutes saved. This is time that can be spent on additional patient consultations, crucial admin, or simply giving some time back to our overstretched doctors”, he said.

Saving your practice time can be easier than you think if you have a well-designed clinical software platform. Even a few minutes here and there adds up over the course of a day, a week or a month. Time saved often leads to greater profitability for your practice and a higher quality of patient care.

Discover how MedicalDirector Helix is enabling ideal healthcare with efficient, intuitive and innovative clinical and practice management workflows.

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