Setting and Changing Your Password


The setting or changing of your password is performed via the User Database.


Setting Your Password

To set your password, simply add yourself to the database as a new Practitioner or new User; you will be prompted automatically to create a password for them during the process.



Changing Your Password

1.      Select User > Setup Users from the main menu to access the User Database.

2.      Select the Practitioner or User for whom you wish the password changed.

3.      Click  The Change Password window is displayed.


4.      Enter the old password.

5.      Enter and confirm a new password.

6.      Click

A minimum of 6 and maximum of 10 letters and numbers in combination is accepted.

Passwords outside this scope or which otherwise conflict with Clinical's internal rules are rejected. If a password is considered to be inadmissible, you will be prompted to try a different password.