Clinical User Guide
About the User Database

Clinical is a multi-user system. When operating in a networked environment it allows multiple users to share data, using the system concurrently.

Whether Clinical is installed on a single PC or across a network of many workstations, each user must be defined in MedicalDirector Clinical's user database. This database provides basic front-end security and access rights, and before you can begin using Clinical you must Log On to identify yourself to the system.

The User Database is where practitioners and users can be added, edited and deleted, and access levels and restrictions can be defined as appropriate. For example, practitioners can be set up with or without full access to all functions of the program, and restricted access can be placed on other users (such as reception or nursing staff) who will generally require access to differing but limited areas. Practice Managers can be setup to have access to the User database.

To access the User Database select Users > Setup Users from the Clinical main screen.

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