Bluechip User Guide
Invoicing with GST

1.      Start a new invoice and enter the item. When you press Enter, one of two things will happen;

o      If the item being invoiced has already been setup as having GST applied to it, then creating the invoice is as normal

o      If the item being invoiced has not been setup as GST applicable, then you will need to click in the View GST Details check box, which adds a GST column to the invoice. You create the invoice in the normal fashion, and add the percentage GST that is to be applied in the GST column. Issue and print the invoice as usual.

2.      To set the item up as being GST applicable, select Setup Lists > Service Items from the Bluechip Main window. Select the Misc list and click on Items. Filter for the item, click the GST drop-down box and choose Default.