Bluechip User Guide
Fees Settings

Via the Fees tab of the Practitioner Setup window you can manage your Practice's fee structure. Fees can be different for each practitioner and each class. Fees can be based on the Medicare Benefit Schedule, the Medicare Benefit Schedule Rebate, the AMA fee, or they can be set arbitrarily by the practitioner.

Most Bluechip systems use three fee lists;

o      Medicare, which contains the entire current Medicare Benefits Schedule.

o      Misc, which contains any miscellaneous, non-MBS services that need to be billed, such as MR for Medico Legal Report.

o      AMA, which can be imported.

More fee lists can be created for reasons such as:

o      Having separate fee lists for No Gap Health Fund schedules.

o      Having separate, non-MBS fee lists for individual Practitioners.

o      Having a separate fee list specifically for Day Surgery items.