Bluechip User Guide
Creating and Deleting Service Item Lists

1.      Select Setup > Lists > Service Items. The Service Item Lists window appears.

o      To delete a Service Item List, select the list from the left-hand menu and then click  You will be prompted to confirm this action.

o      To create a Service Item List, continue now to Step 2.


2.      Click  The New Service Item List window appears.


3.      Enter a Name and Abbreviation for the new Service Item List.

4.      (Optional) Select a List Type to assign to the new list from the associated drop-down list. If no other list types are available, the default list type of 'Other Items' will be selected.

5.      (Optional) To pre-load items from another list, select the list from the associated drop-down list.

6.      Click to save your new Service Items List.