Bluechip User Guide
Carrying Cash or Cheques Forward

You may need to carry cash or cheques forward from time to time if for example you are unable to get to the bank that particular day.

1.      Open the Practice Explorer.

2.      Select Banking from the Margin Menu.


3.      Select the practitioner account to perform the banking and then click  The Bank Deposits window appears.


4.      In the Receipt Summary section select either Cash or Cheques to specify which you wish to carry forward.

5.      Click  The Carry Forward window appears.


6.      Enter the cash amount to be excluded from this deposit into the New Amount section.

7.      Enter a reason for this action.

8.      Click  You are returned to the Bank Deposits window where the Carry Forward section (at upper-right) and Less Carry Forward (at bottom-right) reflect the change amount.

9.      To finalise the banking, click  You are prompted to confirm the process. Click