MedicalDirector launches mobile flu vaccination app in the UK
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MedicalDirector launches mobile flu vaccination app in the UK

Leading healthcare software company, MedicalDirector, has launched its mobile flu vaccination app, Helix.

In collaboration with the National Health Service (NHS), MedicalDirector has designed the app to help administer patient immunisations from outside a patient’s usual clinic, safely and securely.

Helix enables practices, mobile clinics, care homes and pop-up sites to ‘check-in’ patients, record immunisation details and feed clinical information back to their usual GP.

Key features of MedicalDirector’s Helix app include:

  • A mobile-friendly design that can operate on any NHS-approved tablet or laptop, removing the need for an HSCN connection or smartcard.
  • A simple and intuitive interface enabling quick user onboarding to minimise user error.
  • Cloud-based technology that allows improvements to be released without the need to install updates. This means that any new requirements from the NHS can be easily integrated by MedicalDirector without any downtime for the clinic.
  • The latest cyber security technology, ensuring Helix is completely secure for both the clinic and patient.

MedicalDirector Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Bardsley, described Helix as transformational for clinicians and patients in the UK.

“With the rollout of the COVID-19 and Influenza vaccination program across the UK, we’re in a unique position to support the UK’s medical system using technology that is helping thousands of medical practices in Australia. Helix will deliver substantial benefits to both GPs and patients by providing a truly mobile and easy-to-use solution to administer vaccines, and relay this information securely back to the patient’s usual GP.”

“We power more than 70 million GP consults annually, or around 50% of all GP consultations in Australia, and we’ve been supporting the life-changing work of healthcare professionals for more than 25 years. And now our cloud technology’s unique capabilities can deliver next generation software to GPs and patients in the UK.”

“With the launch of Helix, we’re thrilled to be supporting the NHS in meeting its vision and commitment for improved care and health outcomes through better software and interoperability.”

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