How to simplify your clinical management system
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How to simplify your clinical management system

Have you ever wondered how your patient’s diagnostic and clinical reports and self-populating smart forms find their way into your MedicalDirector system?

While it may seem to just happen, there is actually a high level of technical integration that takes the complexity out of this important functionality to make receiving/sending information easy for you.

Ensuring seamless integration and fast access

At MedicalDirector, we understand seamless integration and fast access to important health information is critical for today’s busy healthcare professionals. That’s why we have a strong relationship with a trusted secure messaging partner, HealthLink, to ensure continuity of your clinical information being received into your practice and even assigned to the right patient.

To achieve this, HealthLink has a dedicated team that has worked closely with MedicalDirector’s development staff to ensure messaging and smart forms integration for over 15 years. The integration team’s role is to ensure that when any new organisation wants to be able to exchange secure information with a GP practice, the end-to-end system for receiving and sending is thoroughly tested to a security and compliance level that meets Australian Standards. This ensures your patient’s clinical reports, messages and forms can successfully arrive at your practice and be displayed in MedicalDirector.

Secure integration a priority

Both HealthLink and MedicalDirector take security and privacy of sensitive patient data very seriously.  In order to ensure secure messaging integration, HealthLink works hard to have the right systems in place that works across GP practice software systems without any manipulation of the information.  Secure and private patient information sent electronically must fit and be read by the GP software systems offered by MedicalDirector.

Some messaging providers manipulate and or interrogate the information to enable it to be read successfully in GP practice software systems. However HealthLink takes privacy and legislative issues very seriously, and works to ensure that messages are transported securely and reliably, This eliminates the need to access, inspect, and manipulate the actual private message data that is sent to the practice.  HealthLink’s system works this way to have complete privacy of the data and mitigate any potential clinical risk issues for a GP practice.

To ensure that MedicalDirector’s products conform to the gold standard, HealthLink are part of MedicalDirector’s pre-release cycle. The partnership allows the HealthLink team to test updates to MedicalDirector’s products at early stages to ensure that secure messaging and smart forms through the HealthLink network are always working correctly. This proactive relationship minimises the risks posed by the technical complexities of messaging and smart forms integration and gives the MedicalDirector users a high level of confidence that HealthLink delivered messages arrive securely and can be read as intended.

Giving you peace of mind with a system that is secure, fast and reliable

HealthLink’s partnership with MedicalDirector takes the complexity out of secure electronic messaging, ensuring that you have an efficient digital ecosystem where your patient information is available quickly and is easy to read – while protecting the privacy of your patient data.

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