Pracsoft User Guide
Searching Appointments

It is possible to conduct a search of recorded appointments. You can search by a patient's name, chart number, or by looking for specific text within the appointment. You can also search for deleted appointments. The process described below covers these types of searches. This process is slightly different than conducting a search for the next available appointment time slot.

To Search Appointments:

1.      Open the Appointment module by either;

o      Clicking

o      Selecting Waiting Room > Appointment Book.



2.      If you have multiple Appointment Books in use, select the Appointment Book you wish to use via the associated drop-down list.

3.      Select the Practitioner for whom you wish to assign an appointment, using the associated drop-down list. The image above indicates that the appointment schedule for Dr. A Practitioner is currently selected.

4.      (Optional) Click an existing appointment. By selecting an existing appointment to begin with, the search will be automatically set to search for appointments of the same type.

5.      Either;

o      Select Appointment > Find Appointment, or

o      Press F2. The Find Appointment window appears.

If in Step 4 you selected an existing appointment, the Search For text box will be pre-populated with the patient's name.



6.      Select a date range to search, using the calendar tools at the top of this window.

7.      To search for a linked patient appointment, select the Linked Patient Appointment option. Alternatively you can search for text within an appointment by selecting the Appointment Text option. This option allows you to search for key words that might appear in the appointment text.

8.      In the Search For text box, enter the patient's name (or part of), or the keyword(s) you would like to search for. If the patient is present and you have their Medicare card, swipe it now to save you entering their name manually.

9.      (Optional) If you want to search for deleted appointments, enter some text to search for in the Delete Reason text box.

10.   Click

o      If there is more than one matching patient, the Select Patient window will appear, and you must select the patient from the list presented.

o      If this is a new patient, the Select Patient window will appear, and you can take this opportunity to create a new patient record by clicking


11.   The Search Results section at the bottom of this window will display any matching results.

To jump to the appointment in the Appointment Book, either:

o      Double-click the appointment in the results

o      Right-click the appointment in the results, and select Go To Appointment