Pracsoft User Guide
Adding New Patients

A patient must have a database record before they can be added to the Waiting Room.

To create a new patient record:

1.      Either;

o      Click

o      Press F6

o      Select Patient > Add New Patient.


The Add New Patient window appears.

Enter the patient's information into the text boxes provided. See Editing Patient Records for more information about the fields provided.
If you have the patient's Medicare Card, you can quickly add their medicare number by clicking in Medicare No. field, and swiping their card.

2.      Either;

o      Click Save Pracsoft button to confirm the information and close the window, or

o      Click to save this new patient record and add that patient to the Waiting Room in one action. 


3.      (Optional) When you click either Save Pracsoft button or  you may be presented with the Referral Details window.

o      This prompt will only appear if you have ticked the Show Referral Information check box via Global Settings.