Microloop Spirometer



Perform a Test in Clinical

1.      Select Tools > Tool Box > Respiratory Function from the patient's Clinical window. The Respiratory tab appears.


2.      Click to use the Microloop Spirometer device to record values.

3.      Click on

The Available Spirometer Machines window is displayed if more than one device is installed. Select the device you wish to use from this window.



4.      Once the Microloop Spirometer software has displayed, click the Find Patient button.

5.      Select the corresponding patient from the list located at the bottom of the Patient Details window.

6.      Once the patient has been highlighted click Tick.

7.      Once the patient has been selected click the New Spirometry button.

8.      Click on Start and perform the test.

9.      Once the test has been performed close the Microloop Spirometer software.

10.  MedicalDirector Clinical imports the test results into the Respiratory tab.


Using the Graph View

o       Click to display the patient's record in graph format. Use the scroll bar to view different sections of the graph.

o       Click to print the sections of the graph displayed on the screen.

o       Click to close the Graph window and return to patient's Clinical window.




Device Support

CH2 (Clifford Hallam Healthcare)

60 South Park Drive
Dandenong, VIC 3175

(03) 9554 0500

(03) 9554 0400