Clinical User Guide
Asthma Action Plans

See also: Assessments

The Asthma Action Plan is a tool for assisting  your patient with managing their asthma.

To add an Asthma Action Plan, or display the current plan:

1.      From within the Clinical Window, select Assessment > Asthma Action Plan. The Current Action Plan window appears.

This window displays the current Asthma Action Plan, if one has been recorded. The recorded value in the Best Peak Flow field is used to calculate the following treatment levels:

o      When you feel well.

o      Before exercise.

o      At the first sign of a cold, or if your asthma symptoms get worse.

o      If your symptoms continue to get worse.

Previous Asthma Action Plans can be viewed by clicking Previous Action Plans. Previous Plans cannot be edited.


2.      Click New Action Plan. The New Action Plan window appears. This is similar in appearance to the Asthma Action Plan window.

o      Plan Base On: Using the options provided, indicate whether you want the plan to be based on the patient's symptoms only, or the symptoms and their Best Peak Flow value. If you select the latter option, enter a Best Peak Flow value. Peak Flow ranges will appear for each of the 'symptoms' sections. Note that if you select the latter option, but then do not enter a value, the Plan will behave as if you have selected the former option; to base the plan on the patient's symptoms only.

o      Other Fields: Enter free-text recommendations for each of the symptoms sections, or click Fill from Rx List to re-populate the fields from Current Rx. Note that this is performed automatically on initiation of a new Asthma Action Plan, therefore the Fill from Rx List button is initially unavailable. If you modify the text in any of the drug fields, the button becomes enabled.


3.      Click Save Plan to confirm. You will be returned to the New Action Plan window. Click Close to exit the Asthma Action Plan. A new Asthma Care Plan note is added to Progress Notes.