Clinical User Guide
About Actions (Recall vs. Outstanding)

Recall Actions

A Recall Action is a note recorded about a Recall that typically relates to correspondence / contact regarding a Recall.

For example, if you had sent a printed Recall reminder letter to a patient, and then followed-up that letter with a phone call, you may wish to record the fact that you made the phone call. This action can be recorded against the Recall within the patient's record. A single Recall can have an unlimited number of Recall Actions recorded against it.

A Recall Action is not to be confused with an Outstanding Action (see below).

See also Actions (Recall)

Outstanding Actions

An Outstanding Action is a practitioner's reminder notice about a specific patient, that appears on-screen upon opening their record. You can configure Clinical to present you with a pop-up list of Outstanding Actions for a specific patient. Alternatively, you can view a list of all Outstanding Actions for all patients, and then filter that list by practitioner or by type of Action.

Outstanding Actions are designed to remind the practitioner to perform one or more clinical actions for the patient, but can be used to record any reminder notice about the patient you desire.

An Outstanding Action is not to be confused with a Recall Action (see above).

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