Bluechip User Guide
Parents (Adding and Editing)

If you wish to assign accounts to someone on behalf of a patient, you must create a Parent record to assign the account to. The following information explains how to create and edit Parent records.

It is important to note that an existing patient record can not be used as the Parent record of another patient record. Rather, you must create a separate Parent record for that person i.e. they will end up with two records in Bluechip - one as Patient, and one as Parent.

Note also that although you might have a Parent record and a Patient record for the same person,  there is no link between the two records. Therefore if you make changes to one record (e.g. demographic changes), you must manually make the same changes to the corresponding record.


1.      From the Bluechip main window, either:

o      Click Folder Icon

o      Press Ctrl + O

o      Select File > Open


The Open window appears.

2.      From the List drop-down list, select Parents. From here you can search for and select an existing Parent record, and then view/edit the record by clicking

To create a new record, continue to Step 3.


3.      Click  The New Parent window appears.


4.      Enter the appropriate details.

5.      (Optional) To enable you to automatically populate the Parent record with the Child record's demographic information, click  You will be asked to select which patient this refers to. Type the patient's surname (,) initial (e.g. Smith, J) and select the correct account. Details will be transferred back into the Parent window allowing you to enter the Parent's Given Name and so on. If needed you may edit other details.

Please note that if the parent is to act as the payer for the child's account and wishes to submit claims using Medicare Australia Patient Claiming functionality then a Date of Birth must be entered.

6.      Click to save the details. The new record is added to the list of Parents and you are presented with the Parent Details window.

Close this window to return to the Bluechip main screen.