Submitting Inpatient Medical Claims


Invoicing for IMC via ECLIPSE

1.      Ensure you have created an Invoice for Inpatient Medical Claiming.


2.      When you are ready to issue the invoice, click  The New Inpatient Medical Claiming (IMC) window appears.

From this window you may;

o       View a list of invoice items

o       Indicate IMC Claim Declarations (optional)

o       Record the Admission/Discharge Dates (optional)



3.      Indicate that the patient / Health Fund member has been provided with informed financial consent via the associated drop-down list. Consent is required for successful IMC processing via ECLIPSE.

4.      Click when you are ready to proceed. By default, claims are transmitted immediately. However, if for example your Internet access is not available at the time, claims are held in a pool awaiting manual transmission later. All claims, whether transmitted or awaiting transmission can be found in the IMC Online Claim window.