Meet the new Helix Onboarding Team!
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Meet the new Helix Onboarding Team!

One of the great hallmarks of successful teams is a shared vision, and MedicalDirector’s new Helix onboarding team has exactly that.

With backgrounds in Customer Service, Sales and Consulting, Savitha Murthy, Pavana Kekada and Rahul Gautam have a combined 10+ years experience supporting healthcare professionals using MedicalDirector software.

We sat down with the team to discuss their passion for customer experience, what draws them to health technology, and what they’re looking forward to, as they onboard new customers onto the Helix platform.


How long have you worked with MedicalDirector?

Pavana: Almost 3 years (1 month away!)

Rahul: Just over 3 years

Savitha:  It has been 3 and a half years


What makes MedicalDirector different to companies you have worked for before?

Pavana: Well, MedicalDirector was the first company I worked for in Australia, after moving from India. The work culture at MedicalDirector is definitely different – I find it more empowering and enabling.

Rahul: The biggest difference with MedicalDirector, in comparison to other companies I have worked for, is that MedicalDirector’s values really align with my own, and I’m inspired by the outcomes our products are helping to drive in making people healthier around the world.

Savitha:  MedicalDirector has great transparency, communication is open and everyone has a clear view of where we’re heading. It’s great to have direct interaction with our leadership team, and the company has some great initiatives for employees.


Why did you decide to pursue a career in HealthTech?

Pavana: Healthcare is a vital industry, and this is something that is felt always, but especially in a pandemic. It’s an industry that inspires great innovation, and makes a measurable difference to people’s lives and wellbeing. This is so important to me, and it is the reason I have pursued a career in HealthTech.

Rahul: I have keen interest in technology, and being able to combine that interest with something so meaningful such as health outcomes and healthcare delivery, was an opportunity I could not pass up!

Savitha: HealthTech provides a great opportunity to contribute to creating a healthier world. Our work goes beyond education, to really empowering healthcare professionals with the tools they need to improve patient care.


What drew you to want to join the Helix onboarding team?

Pavana: I have supported our customers in the Service Delivery team for 3 years now, and the opportunity to move into the Helix onboarding team was a natural next step in continuing to support our customers. In my book, growing with the company you started your career with, is near to the best thing that can happen professionally.

Rahul: I saw this area of our business as a real personal growth opportunity – somewhere I could thrive, and also be challenged and gain new skills that I may not have been able to develop in my previous role. I’m excited for what we can achieve together.

Savitha: Customer experience is so important. I’ve been fortunate to support our customers in Service Delivery, and I look forward to the opportunity to provide a great customer experience for practices as they transition to ‘the cloud’.


What are you looking forward to the most in your new role?

Pavana: I am really looking forward to being able to deliver great experiences for our customers, and to continue to grow professionally within the team.

Rahul: I am looking forward to helping optimise the process for onboarding and making the Helix journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible – in short, making the sometimes ‘scary’ leap of changing software not so scary, at all!

Savitha: I can’t wait to contribute to great, memorable customer journeys for our customers moving to MedicalDirector Helix!


What advice would you share with someone wanting to join MedicalDirector?

Pavana: Go for it! We enjoy what we do and we work hard. Being passionate yields the best results!

Rahul: MedicalDirector is great place to work and there are lots of opportunities to grow and get out of your comfort zone. There are so many amazing people who work here, who help support you to go above and beyond. It also is a company that is making a positive, tangible impact in the world.

Savitha: It is a great place to work, with a supportive learning culture. There is a lot of opportunity to work with inter-departmental teams, and learn about the business. We really do work together to make people healthier around the world.