5 Ways to enable better cloud healthcare
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5 Ways to enable better cloud healthcare

Our recent roundtable and subsequent whitepaper Healthcare in the Cloud: Optimising an Industry, has opened up a fresh wave of discussion about the role of technology in the future of healthcare.

As with any industry making the shift to more advanced technologies, there will be challenges, but there are key ways to enable cloud implementation within the clinical practice to better optimise healthcare processes.
From the insights and perspectives shared on the day, we have identified five key areas we as an industry can collectively work to achieve.

1. Challenging silos
There’s a need to educate industry on what can be achieved through the cloud. The applications of cloud within primary healthcare are largely unknown to healthcare professionals. We have seen hospitals be more willing to leverage the cloud, as the benefits are more obvious, but these inherent silos need to be challenged and broken down to achieve meaningful change.

2. Seeking security
Within healthcare, security continues to be front of mind, and rightly so. Ensuring security will be crucial to enabling innovation. One of the key challenges in the development of new technologies will be taking into consideration the wide-ranging perspectives of industry. The more collaboratively we approach the uptake of new technologies, the more comprehensive the eventual solution will be, and the better the chances of success.

3. Making data work harder
Two of the most significant value adds of cloud technologies are analytics and the ability to access data in real-time. To make data work harder for industry, we need to focus on the interoperability and the flow of information through the system, generating greater efficiencies and strengthening the quality of care.

4. Taking patients on the journey
There is great potential for improved data sharing to increase patient engagement and compliance. Taking patients on the data sharing journey will enrich the outcomes of industry’s investment in cloud enabled technologies, and improve the result of real-time data analysis.

5. Building the infrastructure
The technologies have been developed, now there is a need to build effective systems and processes for managing data. Industry must invest in data infrastructure to enable sector transformation. Ultimately, collaboration within health ‘ecosystems’ can deliver rich insights which will benefit the quality of care.

These are our key take-outs from the passionate conversation at the roundtable. We look forward to continuing to drive these initiatives and encourage you to get in touch to discuss how we can work together to optimise the industry.