Pracsoft User Guide
DVA Online Claiming Workarounds

See also: Nursing Home Claim Workaround

This document outlines approved DVA Online Claiming (Release 5) workarounds for Pracsoft.

Medicare Australia’s Release 5 of online claiming (included in Pracsoft 3.5 to 3.54) contained changes to the way DVA vouchers need to be recorded. Additional details were mandatory when recording DVA vouchers in Release 5 of Online Claiming. Some of these fields will no longer be mandatory in the next release of Online Claiming.

Due to the feedback from Practice Managers, Medical Practitioners and Software vendors, the Department of Veterans Affairs have approved the following ‘Text Field Workarounds’ for Practices that do not wish to provide the additional detail for some fields.

‘Text Field Workarounds’ from DVA in regards to Online Claiming

These ‘Workarounds’ may only be required until the next release of online claiming is distributed to Pracsoft users.

Not Normal Aftercare: When using Not Normal Aftercare ‘Standard Text’ enter NNAC in the ‘Explanation’ field.

Duplicate Service Override: When using Not Duplicate Service ‘Standard Text’ enter AM/PM in the ‘Explanation’ field.

Multiple Procedure Override: When using Multiple Procedure Override ‘Standard Text’ enter AM/PM or MPO in the ‘Explanation’ field.

Clinical Condition Treated: For a Gold Card holder, set the Clinical ‘Condition Type’ to New Condition. This will alleviate the need to enter information in the associated text field.

For White Card holders, you are required to enter the Clinical Condition Treated, or Accepted Disability. This is the same information you record on the voucher currently.

Treatment Location Code

When services are provided at either a residential care facility or community health centre, use ‘Visiting’ (home visit) in place of ‘residential care facility’ or ‘community health centre’.

For more information about online claiming please contact the office of the Department of Veterans Affairs.