Pracsoft User Guide
Nursing Home Claim Workaround for Pracsoft

See also: DVA Online Claiming Workarounds

When Nursing Home - Residential Care Facility (RCF) claims are being prepared, the Online Claiming component supplied by Medicare Australia generates errors during the claim preparation step. Use the following guide as a workaround.

Follow this procedure for Nursing Home (Residential Care Facility - RCF) claims ONLY until the issue can be resolved by Medicare Australia Online. The standard claim preparation process works correctly for all other types of claims that contain valid information.


Specifying the Facility ID when Recording a Visit in Pracsoft

On the Record Visit window, when you select ‘Vet Affairs’ from the Invoice To list, an extra set of tabs appears, for Authorisation, Clinical and Location information.


The Location tab allows you to specify the location at which the service was provided. The Treated At field includes the following options: Rooms; Hospital; Visiting; Residential Care Facility, and Community Health Centre. For Nursing Home claims, the ‘Residential Care Facility’ option would typically be selected when recording visits for Nursing Homes (RCF’s).

However, due to problems with preparing RCF claims, the use of ‘Visiting’ is required for RCF vouchers whilst Medicare Australia resolve the issue.

In addition to this, the Nursing Home (RCF) Facility ID and Name must be recorded:

When recording Service Items, click the  button within the Text column.


The Set Service Text window appears. Enter the Nursing Home Facility ID and Name, an example of which is shown below.