Maintenance User Guide
Installing the SMTP Service

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), the de facto standard for e-mail transmissions across the Internet must be installed to have access to Backup Notification functionality. You will not be able to access the Notification tab if SMTP is not installed. If the SMTP Service is not installed you will be prompted accordingly upon opening the MedicalDirector Backup application.

Note that the following instructions relate to Windows XP. The images and steps below may differ slightly on other Operating Systems.

To install the SMTP Service:

1.      Within Windows, select Start > Settings > Control Panel. The Windows Control Panel is displayed.

2.      Locate and double-click the Add or Remove Programs icon  The Add or Remove Programs window is displayed.

3.      Click the Add/Remove Windows Components icon from the left hand menu. The Windows Components Wizard appears.


4.      Select the Internet Information Services (IIS) check box and click The Internet Information Services (IIS) window is displayed.


5.      Select the SMTP Service check box, this will add the other required services and click OK You are returned to the Windows Components window.

6.      Click Next to continue. The Configuring Components window is displayed and the installation of the SMTP Service begins.

7.      Click Finish when the installation is successful.