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Clinical / Pracsoft Update Release Notes

What's New


o      Medicare Web Services now available for sending vaccinations directly to AIR from Clinical.

o      All new Immunisation tab allows you to a patient’s AIR record in real time within Clinical.

       Vaccinations sent to AIR can be updated using the Update Encounter workflow.

       View and record Medical Contraindications and Natural Immunities for vaccinations and upload these directly to AIR.

       Download a patient’s AIR Immunisation record directly into the MedicalDirector Clinical record.

       View vaccine trials the patient has participated in.

       Record vaccination planned catchups for a patient, which are sent directly to AIR.

       View and update a patient’s Indigenous status and Special Risk Group status on their AIR record from within MedicalDirector Clinical.

       Outstanding Immunisations menu allows you to send and manage all immunisations that have been recorded but not yet sent to AIR.

o      A new School ID field is available for users recording vaccinations on behalf of or at a school.

o      A new Minor ID field is provided for recording your Practice's Minor ID. Learn more about Minor IDs for Clinical here.

o      A new configurable lockout period automatically locks the user's session after a period of inactivity.

o      MedicalDirector Cover is now available. Access your patient’s health insurance status, identify specialist that participate in their health insurers no and known gap schemes and view health management programs that your patient may be eligible for.

o      When creating or editing a patient’s record, the DVA file number field now warns if an incorrect or invalid DVA file number has been entered.

o      Access a patients IHI and MyHealthRecord information without the patient needing to have a Medicare Card Number recorded.

o      Users with sufficient security access are now able to reset other user’s passwords in Clinical without needing to know the old password.

o      When creating a custom product in the Recipe section, a new indicator is present to show how many characters will fit on the script when printed.

o      You will now be warned if a patient's demographic details have been updated in such a way that their IHI number is no longer retrievable.

o      It is now possible to send via MDExchange directly from the patient;' Correspondence tab without having to open the document in Letter Writer first.

o      Corrected a number of inconsistencies around the display of doctors in the Holding File after their name had been changed.

o      Removed the redundant Assisted Registration check box in user settings.

o      Removed the redundant Java product from the pre-requisite installer during installation.


o      Medicare Web Services now available for the sending and retrieving of claim information across all channels.

o      New incentive items introduced on the first of January 2022 now automatically apply when recording a visit,

o      A new column in the fee table allows you to exclude an item from attracting an incentive.

o      A new option to print AHPRA numbers on institutional accounts.

o      Numerous reports now display a Medicare Claim ID along with the existing Practice Claim ID, providing you with the claim ID Services Australia will reference if needed.

o      When creating or editing a patient’s record, the DVA file number field now warns if an incorrect or invalid DVA file number has been entered.

o      Numerous minor adjustments have been made to DB4, D1216S, payment advise and lodgement advice forms.

o      Processing reports now display the amount charged which can in some cases differ from the amount deposited.

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