Helix User Guide
Patient Reports


With Patient Reports you can generate reports about your patients based on common criteria such as age, SNAP status, conditions and medications.

1.      To view Reports click   located at the top of the screen. The Reports panel opens.

2.      Select the Patient Reports option. The Patient Filters section is presented to you by default.


3.      Select search criteria as required. Note that there's a Medical Filters section too, available to HCPs.


4.      Your search criteria appears at the bottom of this panel, for you to review before applying.


5.      Click  The results are presented to you.

o      Click to clear your search criteria

o      Click the toggle to show patient contact details in the search results

o      Click to export the search results as a CSV-formatted file.

o      Click Recall from Search to create a recall for a given patient

o      Click to open the selected patient's record.

Patient Reports Example

Detailed Search Criteria

Patient Filters