MedicalDirector User Guide
System Requirements for MedicalDirector Helix

This document is intended as a guide to assist practices in identifying their computer hardware, operating system and software requirements. MedicalDirector recommends that practices consult a Microsoft Certified Technician to determine requirements and licensing to meet their individual needs.

System recommendations are minimum guidelines. Actual requirements will vary based on your system configuration, installed applications and usage.


Intel i3 or better


4GB or higher


Helix software does not require a lot of local storage, but the operating system and browser should have a recommended minimum of 2GB free space to allow for caching.


Minimum supported resolution is 1920x1080 pixels


2 Mbps download / upload per session and <250 millisecond latency recommended


For conducting Telehealth consults.



Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Services and Citrix

Many MedicalDirector customers are using Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Service, or Citrix as an operating environment. These environments generally require a qualified professional technician to manage and configure. MedicalDirector support services are limited to the operation of MedicalDirector software in these environments.


Operating System

MedicalDirector Helix is verified on the following environments:

o      Windows 7

o      Windows 10



o      Google Chrome current version