Clinical User Guide
Past History Tab

The Past History tab displays a summary of the patient's medical history. This is not to be confused with a patient's clinical progress, as recorded via Progress Notes.

Coded: Indicates if the diagnosis was made by selecting from the DOCLE list of diagnosis.

Comment: Displays comments relating to a given past history entry. This window is read-only.

Types of History Records: Filter the past history records by All Records, Active, Inactive (displayed in grey), or Summary

No Significant Past History: If the patient has no significant clinical history to make a note of, indicate this by ticking this check box. A prompt to remind you to check this status with your patient is managed from within Prompt/Preventive Health Options. To view a percentage of patients who have not been asked about their past history status, see Clinical Data Statistics. You can also print a list of patients from this search utility.