Clinical Basic Training, Full Day, Melbourne

Morning Session

Patient Clinical Data

  • Overview of MedicalDirector Clinical main features
  • Access patient record and view and update health summary information
  • Add relevant family, social history and risk factor patient data
  • Use clinical tools to provide data for SIPs and Care Plans

Progress Notes

  • Enter effective progress notes with minimal typing
  • Design and use shortcuts in progress notes
  • Add ‘Reason for Contact’ and link to ‘Past History’ list as relevant
  • Add and view diagrams and photos
  • Discuss accreditation standards for quality clinical data entry

Letter Writer

  • Access inbuilt templates e.g. referrals, health summaries
  • Modify a template e.g. recall letter
  • Import templates
  • Send and receive encrypted documents via MDExchange

Afternoon Session

Correspondence Management

  • Scan or Import correspondence
  • Actioning correspondence in the Holding File
  • Review actioned correspondence in the Actioned Items

Recalls, Reminders & Actions

  • Design a Recall and Reminder ‘system’
  • Use ‘actions’ as a clinical tool for a paperless practice

Database Cleansing & Searches

  • Clean up medication and past history lists
  • Individually mark a patient as inactive or deceased
  • Undertake specific patient data searches
  • Customise MD preferences in options


  • – Create and upload a PCEHR document, including an Event Summary & Shared Health Summary
  • Review patient’s PCEHR documents

Education Information

  • Access & import patient education information e.g. other language handouts
  • Use MDReference and other online Medical Director Clinical features for medical information
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