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Pracsoft Updates

MedicalDirector Clinical & Pracsoft 4.0a patch

25 January, 2021

The following patch can only be applied to MedicalDirector Clinical & Pracsoft version 4.0.

Download MedicalDirector Clinical & Pracsoft 4.0a patch (158 MB EXE)

Issues Addressed:


  • Enabled ScriptCheck SA for South Australian Sites.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause MDref Explorer to fail to launch in certain situations.


  • Appointment book highlighted cell colour changed to a lighter shade of purple for easier readability.
  • After pasting a cut appointment in the appointment book the “Made by:” name now correctly reflects the name of the person who performed the cut/paste.


Do I need to perform this fix?
Only if you are affected by any of the issues addressed in this fix, outlined above. Otherwise, no, you do not need to apply this fix.

Do I need to shut my clinic down for this fix?
No. This fix can be applied to a single workstation where required, or to all workstations one by one. Please ensure Clinical and Pracsoft are closed on the workstation when applying the fix.

Do I need to update my server first?
No. It is fine to have your server/s and workstation/s running Clinical 4.0 and 4.0a concurrently. They are all compatible.

If I am in South Australia, do I need the RTPM update?
No, not immediately. There is a 12 month phase-in period beginning in March 2021 to be RTPM compliant. MedicalDirector will have at least one more major release before then.