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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 6 February, 2020



  • Admin users are not directly associated with a Centre and therefore cannot resubmit immunisation claims. To prevent this, a new tool tip has been added.

Medicare Claiming

  • Colour-coding now indicates whether amounts paid by Medicare reflect what you claimed. Lower amounts are displayed in red. Equal or higher amounts are displayed in green.


  • The current date can now be used as a patient’s date-of-birth.

Radiology and Pathology

  • Additional Pathology/Radiology providers are available to select as your preferred provider:
    • The South Coast Ultra Sound
    • Woonona Medical Imaging


  • An HCP can now perform an exclusion query during search queries. For example, you can search for all patients over 65 years who have NOT had a flu vaccination in the last year.
  • The ability to delete previously saved reports / search criteria has now been added.

Bug Fixes


  • The notes field doesn’t appear when the text has been removed.


  • Improved performance for the Transaction Payment Report.


  • The receipts in the banking section now display up to 200 records rather than previous limit of 60 records.